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Ritual Magic

Jessica Brown1 Comment

I believe that many of us are yearning for ritual in our lives. Feeling lost, we may or may not feel connected to any of the "American" traditions we grew up with and have hope for something that feels more meaningful.

Ritual may look different for each individual but I hope that my products can inspire a little more ritual magic in ones life. Follow your intuition, light a candle, ask yourself what you need. Start to dream up something you'd like to do every solstice or full moon, the sky is the limit and there are many celebrations to be had!

Creating ritual asks us to:


get creative,

& lead with the heart.


A Summer Solstice Full Moon Fire Ritual, 2014.    Photo taken by River Walker, Edit by Mia Pirillo

A Summer Solstice Full Moon Fire Ritual, 2014.

Photo taken by River Walker, Edit by Mia Pirillo

There are everyday self care rituals like making a morning elixir to send you on a magical day feeling loved and nurtured.

There are weekly rituals like attending or hosting a family/friend dinner to share space, ideas, & homemade dishes.  

There are monthly rituals like a new or full moon to remind us of our interconnectedness and community.

There are seasonal rituals like Spring Equinox or Winter Solstice to tune into our surroundings and commune with presence to the place and time of year we are in.

Tuning into the elements offers great inspiration for ritual: fire and water hold especially magical rituals for me. Sitting around a bon fire with my beloved friends can really instill a deep sense of peace and contentment. Making myself a special elixir to sip on with some sparkling water, tincture and flower petals helps me feel powerful and loved. 

This year was the first year I did not celebrate Christmas or New Years Eve in the traditional sense that I had before. It felt SO good, and it is not to say I will never again but to know there is a choice feels damn good. Instead, I created new rituals. Winter Solstice, the darkest and shortest day of the year. A beautiful time to sink deeply into the darkness and reflect. I took a hot herbal bath with my Sweet Dreams Bath Blend followed by a self massage with my Redwood Body Oil and made a biiiig pot of nourishing soup to share with our beloved neighbors. On New Years Eve our neighbors shared their yearly ritual with us. Sitting around a big bon fire, reminiscing and reflecting. At midnight, burning a sheet of paper with what we are letting go of from 2017 and what we are igniting and bringing forth in 2018. A simply beautiful night, an intentional way to start the new year. 

In the end, it seems as if what it always comes back to is connection. Ritual helps us better connect to ourselves, our environment, and our community. Ritual gives us meaning and inspiration, grounds us and brings us back to our center. 

Comment with any rituals you practice or are planning on practicing soon!