R O O T , R I S E .

F A R M + A P O T H E C A R Y

My name is Jess,

I make micro batch potent products from herbs that I grow and harvest seasonally on my farm in Northern California. Over 4 years ago I moved onto a truly stunning piece of land to live with my partner. It was this privilege that led to many new experiences such as gardening, homesteading, and hearing the beauty in nature's symphony of seasons.

Over time, I found myself constantly asking these questions in my everyday life:

How can I grow this?  How can I make this? 


I wanted either a more fresh product, where I knew the origin of the ingredients,  or one with fewer ingredients over all. 

This was part of the curiosity that led my partner and I to start Happy Hearts Farm in 2016. It was a sort of leap into the unknown; neither of us had worked on a farm, or really grown much food for that matter. Going on year 4, we now have some experience under our belts, enough to confidently face the exciting (and not so exciting) challenges ahead. I am constantly introducing more medicinal herbs to the space, with a hope to grow large amounts within the near future, while my partner focuses on delicious vegetables. 

Access to fresh, seasonal plants that are harvested at their peak is what makes my products so special. Because I am not only the maker, but also the grower, the products hold the essence of the relationship between myself and the land. I tend, respect, and commune with the land, and in turn it provides magically medicinal material.

I place an emphasis on self care rituals that say, "I love you and I care about you." 

I am not a licensed healthcare practitioner prescribing or diagnosing specific cases, instead I am providing everyday rituals to enhance one's life. That being said, every body is different and any claims made about specific herbal remedies may not work for you and your body. Let your intuition guide you, and always educate yourself fully before making changes to your healthcare plan.

I hope that my products help you to feel whole, loved, and inspired to live a beautiful life. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

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