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1.8.18 Welcome to Root, Rise.

Jessica BrownComment

As the season shifts and I find myself more inclined to be inside cozied up to the fire, I decided it was time to begin sharing with you the creations I've been working on. A dream come to fruition. Last year was my first year realizing I would like to hone in on growing medicinal herbs and creating products from what I grew. Sitting here in January 2018, I am really feeling called to concentrate my growing efforts fully to medicinals. We will see what this year holds, I am so excitedly thumbing through the seed catalogues, and am inspired by the many dreams running through my mind and heart.

Root, Rise. is a labor of love dedicated to bring about awareness to self care rituals, herbal alchemy, and all of the magic that lives in between. I began practicing herbalism once I took a course with Jane Bothwell of the Dandelion Herbalism Center. As she taught us the ins and outs of her experience within herbalism, I finally felt that I was in a class that rang true, that felt like home. Everything in me lit up, a remembrance. Because if each one of us were to go back in our ancestry, we would realize that "herbalism" was not long ago a knowledge woven into everyday life, practiced by our family members. That different "weeds" and "foods" helped with this or that. Once I took this course I couldn't stop thinking about herbs and their properties. I started teaching myself by reading books that had been recommended to me, attending workshops, daydreaming, playfully making products for myself and loved ones. 

I feel strongly about bringing you the most potent and powerful product. The plants are with me every step of the way, through each season. Waxing and waning, growing and creating. The symbiotic relationship I find myself in nourishes and nurtures not only me, but the ecosystem and environment that surrounds me. I grow medicinal plants to reclaim my wildness, my truth. And in turn create potions and products that are imbibed with the true essence of magic. 

In my products you can truly taste, feel, or smell the freshness. Each one transports you right back to the actual plant. 

With very few ingredients the plant is able to come through strongly and clearly.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, I am so grateful you are here!