R O O T , R I S E .

F A R M + A P O T H E C A R Y

You hold the key...

Jessica BrownComment

As we near Winter Soul-stice and the new year I am beginning to journal about my visions for my 2019. Now is a potent time to be dream weaving your creative life ahead. What did you love about 2018? What do you want to keep nurturing in your life? What are some of the things you want to learn? What are your craving to create? What art form / creative expression is calling to you?

Personally, I took a huge leap this year that resulted in being one of the best decisions. Moving our farm was a lot, but turned out to be a 111% Y E S that has led to an amazing community of people, a beautiful place to call home, and space to feel F R E E. When I look back to my journal at the beginning of 2018 and reflect on where I am at now, I see that my visions have turned into my reality. I am over the moon grateful and am marinating in the magic. What I learned from this situation is that taking risks can lead to exponential growth. Following my heart and staying true to my vision for my life and what that looks like and feels like. And most importantly listening to my intuition…that gut feeling when you are in a place or situation. That is either telling you a solid yes, or a solid no. The beautiful thing about this sacred tool we have, is that the more you use it and listen to it, the stronger it becomes. It’s like waking up and doing yoga everyday. After about a week you will feel your body shifting, becoming stronger, breathing easier in the poses.

When you envision your next year, 2019, get specific! How do you want to feel and what endeavors help you to feel that way? I love to think of a feeling and the specific action to do to obtain the feeling. “I want to feel strong in my body and yoga really helps me to feel that way.” “I want to feel grounded, and a nice brisk walk really helps to get my energy flowing.”

What imprint do you want to leave on this world?

Now is your chance to truly feel into all of your dreams, big and small.

Grab a journal and a cup of tea, & do some reflecting.

Remember that you are so so powerful.

This gift of dream weave writing is a potent tool in our evolution.