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Morning Rituals by Chelsea Connor

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Morning Rituals: Starting the Day With A Tonic

By: Chelsea Connor @houseofnourishment

This week I am beginning my introduction to other magic makers in my circle. I want to shed light on the rituals and folks that have helped and inspired me. This week is written by the lovely Chelsea Connor of @houseofnourishment. I have known Chelsea since we were in high school in Huntington Beach, CA. Fast forward and a lot has changed in both of our lives with a big one being that we both moved to Northern California. I live on the coast and she lives inland, but our paths have crossed again because we are interested in a lot of the same ideals and lifestyle! Chelsea is a kind, smart, and YES kind of person and I am so honored to know her and have her sharing on my blog. I’m so excited for you to read what she has share. Please leave a comment below to let us know what you think and share this with someone you love!

I have linked her instagram above so you can continue to learn and grow with her! Grab some tea and enjoy… -Jess

By Chelsea Connor.

By Chelsea Connor.

Something I’ve found to be foundational in my well-being is the addition of a morning ritual.

I wholeheartedly believe that in order for us each to show up in the world, we must first show up for ourselves. It can be so easy to rush out the door each morning without giving ourselves the peace & quiet we need before taking on the day. Whether your morning ritual is five minutes long or two hours, I hope it’s exactly what fills you up.

One part of my morning ritual that has nourished me in the most ways is creating and drinking a warm tonic. A tonic is simply something that is prepared with the intention to increase one’s well-being. As a way to cure the craving for a creamy, cozy latte, I began crafting tonics without integrating the usual coffee to fuel my morning energy. Almost instantly, tonics induced a shift in my anxiety, energy, mood and overall feeling of nourishment. Through creativity, I put together a variety of formulas that rejuvenated me in ways I’d never experienced. Not only is the taste lovely but the velvety potion knows just how to prepare us for whatever kind of day lies ahead. 

By Chelsea Connor.

By Chelsea Connor.

Tonic Structure

Building a tonic that is unique to you is supreme. While I often share my own tonic recipes, I find that the best way to experience a tonic is to explore the ingredients that you crave & that nourish you, specifically. This can be as simple or complex as you desire. The magic of a tonic is in the moment of pure bliss as you sip & savor all of the flavors your body hopes for. Tonics serve as a gentle means to nourish both to your body & soul. 

As a good rule of thumb or for those who seek more of a roadmap to get them started, there are 4 main components of a delicious tonic. These consist of: a base, good fats, flavor & herbal or plant allies.

A base will be any liquid that will create the foundation for your tonic. This may be warm/cold water, tea, or coffee depending on what you desire.

Good fats are any sources of richness that you may want to add to increase your tonic’s creaminess while supporting your blood sugar balance. I love to use full fat coconut milk, coconut butter, almond butter, ghee, grass fed butter or any other smooth and delicious fat source I have on hand. The selection(s) you make & the quantity you use are completely up to you.

Next, you may enjoy adding flavor or seasonings to intensify your creation. These may be cinnamon, ginger, sea salt, turmeric, vanilla, or, if you enjoy some bitterness, cacao. A combination of many of these or just one alone, with the other three elements, will yield a beautiful drink.

The final step in putting your tonic together is choosing any herbal or plant allies you wish to include. This step is the only one that is especially optional and only necessary if you feel one of your favorite plant medicines may provide a needed boost your day. This may be as simple as adding a few rose petals to the top of your tonic or as complex as you’d like it to be. I commonly find myself reaching for one to three adaptogens and/or medicinal mushroom extracts as a way of supporting brain function, stress responses and immunity. Feel free to get curious and creative by trying new herbs that you feel drawn to. 

With these 4 buildings blocks, you’ll surely find your rhythm. Listen to your intuition and craft whatever it is your body is asking for. 

By Chelsea Connor.

By Chelsea Connor.

Cacao Tonic

A tonic that I have come to know & consume every morning is one made of cacao. Cacao is a plant ally, a good fat, & a decadent flavor addition, making it exceptionally nourishing amongst the many nutritional benefits it also contains. 

Cacao is a fruit which grows on the Theobroma cacao tree in many tropical lands. The literal translation of its name and it’s historic legacy refers to it as  “food of the gods” due to its deep flavor and invigorating effects on the spirit. Cacao is rich in magnesium, zinc, iron, antioxidants, polyphenols, theobromine and anandamide, the body’s own “bliss” molecule. The synergy between theobromine, anandamide and a touch of caffeine inspires a mild stimulating sensation. Some refer to this feeling as “heart opening” and pure love from the spirit of cacao.

In my own experience, I’ve found cacao to embody the bitterness that I’ve loved in coffee while providing rich, sweet, and fruity notes that add to its deliciousness. I enjoy a cacao tonic each morning made with fair trade, organic and pure cacao, known as ceremonial cacao, grown with care by small farms in Peru. What once would have been recognized as hot chocolate in my younger years, now serves my well-being, and hopefully yours, daily. 

By Chelsea Connor.

By Chelsea Connor.



1 cup hot water

¼ cup full fat coconut milk or any other nut milk

3-5 Tablespoons ceremonial cacao or 1 tablespoon raw cacao powder

¼ teaspoon of lion’s mane mushroom extract or any other plant/herbal ally you’d like

A dash of cinnamon & sea salt

Sweeten to taste with stevia, maple, or local honey 


  1. Blend all ingredients together in a blender until thoroughly combined & lightly frothy.

  2. Pour into your favorite mug & find a quiet place to sit.

  3. Take a deep inhale focusing on your intention(s) for the day, slowly exhale through the mouth & enjoy each nourishing sip of your tonic. ♥


By Chelsea Connor.

By Chelsea Connor.

Thank you Chels! @houseofnourishment

Thank you for your time, leave some love in the comment section below! -Jess