R O O T , R I S E .

F A R M + A P O T H E C A R Y

homegrown herbal alchemy from the lost coast of california


I am the farmer and maker behind each and every product.  

Farm to face skincare, copper distilled hydrosols, ritual bath soaks & botanically dyed silks.

“WOW!!! It has only been a week of using the Empower (tulsi, lavender & yarrow) hydrosol paired with the Sun Beam Calendula oil and I have noticed a HUGE difference in the radiance and texture of my skin! My routine has been spritzing myself with the hydrosol right after my bath, and then following that with the Sun Beam oil massages into my face and chest. I wish I had enough to douse my whole body in it! I have experienced lots of scarring from hormonal cystic acne on my chin and neck, and your potions have completely softened my skin and almost completely erased my scars! My face feels as soft as silk, yet, protected from the elements. It feels like I have a beautiful barrier of sun energy glowing from all of my pores!” -S


Above all I hope this space provides you with inspiration

“After using the glow face mask, my skin feels baby smooth and it is literally glowing!! I struggle with acne as well as dry and sensitive skin. Most masks irritate my skin and cause breakouts. This clay is so gentle and knowing that the flowers used were grown right at the source soothes my organic, go local, 'grown with love' standards. I'm so excited to start using the radiance hydrosol!!” - C

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